The 6 Most Genius Inventions By Leonardo Da Vinci – #5 Is Truly Brilliant

1. Tanks

When Da Vinci worked for the Duke of Milan around 1485, he suggested the idea of making an ‘armed and armoured vehicle’. Which is called a tank nowadays. According to the drawings of Da Vinci, the vehicle would be equipped with 30 cannons, which would allow it to fire in every direction. The first functioning tanks were made in World War I, more than 400 years after Da Vinci’s design.

2. Diving Suit

When Da Vinci was living in Venice at the end of the 15th century, he had a somewhat strange plan to fend off war ships from the enemy: send troops to the bottom of the ocean to let them cut holes in the enemy boats. Nowadays, such practices are quite common, but at that time it was unheard of. But Da Vinci said it was possible: he even designed the first version of the well known diving suit for it. His design was, especially for his time, practical and achievable. In the end, underwater sabotage was unnecessary, as the marine of Venice was strong enough te defend the attacks on their own.

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