These 7 Smartphone Hacks Get The Best Out Of Your Phone – #5 Is So Useful

2. Black and White

Those colours on your iPhone do of course look nice, but they can feel a bit ‘busy’ too. If you want a little more peace, try putting your phone in black and white mode. Just go to Settings > General ?Accessibility > Display Accomodations and toggle Color Filters and turn on Grayscale. Research shows that this also makes your phone less addictive. Win-win!

3. Make Photos With Your Headphones

Of course, you can make photo’s by pressing a button on your screen, but you can also do it by pressing the buttons on your earbuds. How? Aim your iPhone, with the headphones connected of course, at the subject you want to photograph an press the volume up button. And click! There it is. By the way, if you’re tired of the cable of your earbuds, you might want to consider purchasing a pair of Bluetooth Headphones.

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