Get Rid of Your Back Pain More Quickly With These 7 Exercises

1. Easy Fetal

We’re starting off pretty easy: this simple exercise, also known as the easy fetal position, is absolutely not difficult, but it is very good for your back. You stretch your lower back with this pose, without having to worry about injuries. As such, this exercise is ideal for beginners who are afraid of worsening their back pain with exercises.

As stated, the exercise is easy: Zoals gezegd is de oefening makkelijk: lie down on the floor, bring your two knees to your chest and then hold your legs with your hands when you’re in this ‘fetus position’. Then, slowly bring them to the ground again. Don’t force anything and stretch only where it feels pleasant: pain means stop. You should try not to ‘rebound’ as well, meaning you shouldn’t stretch too far because you’re doing the exercise too quickly. Move slowly and carefully.