19 Historical Photos That Will Stay With You Forever

4. She’s Alive
One of the first things people think about, when you talk about New York City, is the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty represents the American dream for so many immigrants. Perhaps that’s why these men and women decided to form a human resemblance of the statue. I had to look twice before I saw it wasn’t her.

5. Everything Is Fair in Love and War
There is war and then there is our unconditional love for animals. These Russian marines could take their minds of the war (1941) for a short moment, because of the sleeping cat. We think this cat gave their assurance that, in the end, everything will be alright; even when you are in the middle of World War II.

6. Library Living
We’ve all seen the most beautiful libraries in the world, but the one in this picture is, by far, the largest one we’ve ever seen. You’re completely surrounded by books. Imagine working here as an archivist, librarian. You must have a sore neck after shelf-reading here!

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