19 Historical Photos That Will Stay With You Forever

They say: “pictures are worth more than a thousand words”. Some photos from the past make us cry while others make us consider if we should change things for the future. We found 19 pictures that will definitely have an impact on your worldview…

1. Showers of Flowers For Lady Di.
The horrible death of Princess Diana in 1997 wasn’t just for the UK a shock. People from all over the continent came to Buckingham Palace to place flowers in her memory. The aerial view of the conglomeration of flowers presented is only a snapshot of the love that the masses had for Princess Diana. This picture of the floral tribute is just 1% of the love that the people had for the beautiful Lady Di.

2. Packed And Ready To Return Home.
World War II destroyed a large part of Europe, South-East Asia and North-Africa. It was a horrible time for these regions, but it wasn’t a drawback for every country. In fact, the US managed to establish itself as a world power. Why? As one of the Allied Forces they freed a large part of the occupied countries in Europe. The soldiers in this picture, who returned from the battlefield in 1945, represents their presence during WW2.

3. Testing The Phone Booth
Most of might not remember this, but before there were laptops and mobile phones: we had telephone booths. Young people in de Sixties used these boxes for way more than just checking in with their parents while, literally, hanging out with their friends. These guys were wondering how many people would fit in a telephone booth. Pour men at the bottom of the box!

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